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Problems opening chat window


Using zoom for meetings, when I open the chat window, a blank screen appears. Sometimes I can close it and re-open the chat and the chat works, however, more often opening the chat crashes the program and the only way to close the program is using taskmanager.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled zoom several times and the same problem persists.

I am running windows 11

Any suggestions on what may be causing this behavior?

Thank you


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @drjulian welcome to the community! You are having a very interesting experience here. On my Windows device, I'm running Windows 11, Zoom 5.17.10 and have no problems with a black chat window. Would you mind sharing which version you are using? In theory, Uninstalling and reinstalling the Zoom application will install the most recent version from When the application crashes, your device does not provide Zoom with enough resources to run properly; to test, do you mind opening task manager and retesting to see if Zoom is using up all of your device's CPU and RAM when you replicate the issue. 

Zoom Community Moderator

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The only


I posted an answer but for some reason it did not appear, so I am re posting it:


Thank you for your reply.


I did uninstall and re install zoom when I first had problems. It is set to auto update and the current version is


The performance when zoom opens is:

CPU: 12%
Memory: 43%

Disk: 0%

Network: 7%

GPU:  1%

When I open the chat window for the first time (black screen) the stats remain basically the same, with no change more then a couple of percent.

When I close it an open it again (finally works) the stats remain the same. No change.

Sometimes (not often) the program will lock up when I open the chat, and that is the biggest problem because when that happens I have to close zoom via the task manager and re open it and re join the meeting. Obviously this is very disruptive to the meeting, so I hesitate to use the chat because I do not know if it will crash or not.

The black screen happens EVERY time I open the chat, and on the second (or any subsequent) openings the chat is normal, however occasionally zoom will crash on the second opening.