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Polls or Quizzes to be available when setting meeting templates


With the new Poll/Quizzes functionality, there doesn't seem to be an option to save a template meeting with appropriate Poll/Quiz filters set...


This was really handy before in that you could assign Poll questions to meeting templates, now I only seem to be able to do this at the stage the meeting has been scheduled from a template. This is a really time consuming task when you have 6 meetings to set up with different poll/quiz requirements.


Has anyone found a way? Zoom this is real backward move if you are unable to do this.



We are having the same problem. 


Where once a meeting template held the Poll questions in order, now it force ranks them on a modified date format.  We have over 800 meetings that now have to jacked with to keep polls in order.

This must be really difficult for you to manage - it is very frustrating. I hope Zoom can amend to find a way to allow meeting templates to link with the polls/quizzes and surveys. We can't be the only ones that are struggling with this.