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Please fix auto-resizing of Zoom window when chat or participants is opened/closed.


When I am on a Zoom call I have it set up on half of my screen. Whenever I open or close chat in a meeting the zoom window resizes and changes position. When chat is opened, instead of resizing the elements within the zoom window to create room for the chat window, the entire Zoom window resizes, adding on the width to display the chat. When chat is closed, the Zoom window resizes to the original size, but it's screen positioning is shifted left. Fix: Do not change the window size when chat is opened.


Zoom window sized to half of the screen: 


When chat is opened, Zoom window width increases to fit chat.  


When chat is closed, Zoom window width returns to original width, but stays aligned to where it expanded to the left.



Edit: Same experience with participants. 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @PowellJ interesting! And thank you for your input! I'm curious what version of Zoom you're using?


I am currently running 5.15.6 with the current experience on macOS.

Aug-09-2023 09-09-38.gif


Try updating to see if you experience differently? 


Zoom Community Moderator

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Hey @RN! I am currently running version 5.15.3.  It looks like what you shared is the bigger half of the fix I am hoping for. It looks like your zoom window stays positioned against the right edge of your screen which is great! However, I would also like the option for it not to expand the Zoom window horizontally when the chat is opened. On my machine it expands the window to the left by 384px. I would prefer the Zoom window stays the same dimensions when chat is opened because I have my screen split in half or thirds and I often use the other half of the screen during calls. I'll add 2 screenshots of what I would like to happen when chat is opened.

Zoom window is snapped to the right half of my screen.


Zoom chat is opened, window stays snapped to right half of screen and does not expand to the left.