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Passcode consisting from numbers only


It would be nice if Zoom generated a code consisting from mixed characters, both numbers and digits for PMI . I had a user who had a purely numeric passcode starting with 0. While the user passcode got copied into a Google table, Google automatically converted the passcode into a number since it only consisted from numeric characters, and the left most 0 got truncated. As a result, some users were unable to join the conference since 0 character got removed. Can this be forethought? I get it's not Zoom's fault, but it would be nice if Zoom safeguarded such situations. Thank you in advance.


Community Champion

Hi @infatum thanks for your post on the Zoom Community! Actually if you are able to sign into the Zoom web portal and go to Account Management, and Account Settings, under the "Security" sub section there is a place to configure passcode preferences:


If you are able to navigate here you can set passcode default parameters. If you are not the Account Owner or admin, and do not have access to this area, perhaps you can put in a request with your account Owner/Admin to tweak these settings?


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