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Participant Control of External Camera and Mic


We conduct Zoom meetings or webinars using an external PTZ camera and an external microphone. The meeting/webinar is all controlled by a laptop, the PTZ camera is controlled by a IR remote. Everything works good.


However, once I start the meeting, I’d like to assign a meeting participant, operating from a mobile device, to be able to mute the external mic and mute the PTZ camera during certain portions of the meeting. I can do this from my laptop, but I’d like a remote participant to be able to do it. 

In webinar mode, I’ve tried setting up a “cohost,” but it seems I have to set them up as a “panelist” first, and then they can only control the camera and mic on their device, not the main external camera and mic. In webinar mode I’ve tried to set up a participant as an “alternative host” but it says it doesn’t have access to that set up. 

Again, I want to start the meeting from my laptop, connected to an external camera and an external mic … and then assign a remote participant to control the audio mute and video mute for those external devices. How can I do this?