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Missing cloud recordings


Help! I have had dozens of videos I have cloud recorded to my account and now I can't find them anywhere. Previously I have had a paid account and switched to unpaid version. Have my videos dissapeared due to that? If that is the case, can I switch to paid version and recover my videos?



Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

Hello @Kesha 

Cloud recording is only available on paid plans. When you downgrade to a free plan your cloud recordings stay on the backend with Zoom and are available again to you if you ever decide to upgrade you plan again. If you stay on the free plan, your cloud recordings will not be available to you. If you go back to a paid plan, your cloud recordings will all be available to you again. I hope this helps!


I have the same issue and already paid the licensed. But the recordings are still missing. What should I do?

Same issue here