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No longer see Zoom client in iPad screen mirroring


I regulary share my iPad screen to Zoom meetings I host on my PC, it works by selecting Share screen on Zoom, iphone/iPad and then proceed to tapping on screen mirroring on control centre on the iPad and tap on Zoom<My Account name>. This is all done via my home network without the need of any cables.


Today this stopped working entirely. I have tried restarting my device multiple times, reinstalling Zoom multiple times, restarting my PC multiple times and a combination of them without resolution. There is an alternative which is to broadcast a screen recording from iPad to Zoom, but that's over the internet, rather than my home WiFi network, so framerates is extremely low.


There used to be a iPhone/iPad sharing with cables options on the PC, but that options vanished from Zoom over a year ago.


My PC: Windows 11 22H2 19045.3208

Zoom: 5.15.5 (19404)

iPad Pro running iPad OS 16.5.1 (20F75)


Any help to restore mirroring from iPad to Zoom?



Hi there, 

I’m so glad I found this topic, because I’m also facing similar issues with sharing my iPad screen through the PC Zoom Client.

I recently got a new laptop, and encountered the issue the first time I tried using the feature on this brand new machine.

In my case, the iPad can detect Zoom-<My Account Name> and connect for a few minutes, but it cuts off without warning within 3 to 5 minutes. I can try to re-connect the iPad to Zoom, but there’s a likelihood that it cannot even detect Zoom-<My Account Name> after the first interruption, which means I have to end the meeting and start again. This is very strange, as I never had the same issue on my older laptop with Windows 10. I have also tried it on a colleague’s laptop running Windows 11, yet there was no issue at all. I’ve tried resetting my iPad and laptop many times, reinstalling Zoom, trying different Wi-Fi environments between home and work, and even factory resetting my laptop, yet this issue persists



I really hope Zoom releases a fix for this, as without this feature it is very difficult to do my job.


PC Model: Lenovo Yoga Pro 7 14IRH8 - Type 82Y7

Windows Version: Microsoft Windows 11 Home 10.0.22621 Build 22621

OS build: 22621.2428

Zoom Version 5.16.5 (24296)

iPad Air (4th generation) running iPadOS Version 16.7.1