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Zoom Phone Appliance - Joining a Teams meeting, is it possible or in the road map?


Sorry if this should be in a different category, it's a phone device and a meeting question all-in-one.


We've got the Yealink VP59 and the MP56 (Zoom Device Managed). The user will be able to sign in to the device and use it as their phone and host / join meetings directly from it (Zoom to Zoom).  When it's not signed in as a user / common area, it defaults to acting like a Zoom Room. I say this because if you try to join or start a meeting, as the option on screen, it says it's an Unlicensed Room.


Before we look at Zoom Room licensing for this device, I'd like to know if, like the dedicate Zoom Room Appliances, such as the Yealink A30, would enabling the Zoom Room License on a Phone Appliance, enable the option to join a Teams Meeting via ID?


I guess a wider ranging question I have for this subject, is there any likelihood that the normal Zoom client (just just room appliance) will be enabled for joining Teams meetings in the near future, if anyone knows or if there's a Zoom rep to answer?


Cheers, Jamie