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No audio on Zoom for Chrome PWA


I recently installed Zoom's Chrome for PWA on my Chromebook. During the install I allowed access for video and audio. I use an external Jabra speaker/mic device. When I start/join a meeting I select Join audio by computer. Though other meeting participants can hear (and see me), I can't hear them (I can see them). Using the same Chromebook and speaker/device with the soon to be discontinued ChromeOS Zoom app, I can hear (and see) other participants. I didn't find any other discussions on this community that mentioned this problem but did see a couple of posts on Reddit describing the same issue - but no replies with a fix. Help me fix the audio, please.



I am having the same exact problem.

Though I don't know which app, one of them on my Chromebook appears to interfere with I verified both the microphone and camera are enabled in Settings. As an interim measure, I successfully use Chrome for PWA in an incognito window. You may want to give it try. Good luck.


I can confirm that the audio problem described in the OP of this thread is still continuing with the Chromebook PWA version.  Opening a session link in a Chrome incognito page appears to be an effective workaround (thanks to WCunninghame!)


This is another case of Zoom having too many options and apps.  It really is time for Zoom to get control of its product and allow for more seamless, less problem-ridden connections particularly with ChromeOS and Chromebooks.