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New Realtek Audio Driver Does Not Work after Update on ASUS Vivobook Pro Windows 11 (SOLVED)


Dear All,
I just updated Windows 11 Pro on my ASUS Vivobook Pro to the latest updadte and found that the speaker stop working, no sound coming out, just a very short period then stop no sound. But when I tested the microphone on Audio Setting, it work normally and the speaker also produce sound from my microphone. Only Test Speaker does not  work, so can not hear anything from other members on the meeting.

Temporary Solution:
I downgraded Realtek High Definition Audio driver from the latest version, from version 6.0.9357.1 (24/05/2022) to  6.0.9231.1 (31/08/2021)  and the speaker produce the sound again.

I am not sure it is the new latest Zoom update that needs to be patched or my ASUS Vivobook Pro that needs to be patched. Zoom Technical Team please help to investigate this  issue so we can use the latest audio driver from Realtek.  Thanks and hope this helps.



Well, most probably you should check if there are any updates for windows accordingly the new drivers will get install and your sound should start work again.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Rama-Bali welcome to the community! I would also suggest troubleshooting steps from Windows on Fix sound or audio problems in Windows, good troubleshooting info also within the Knowledge Base article on Troubleshooting audio issues

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I also bought an Asus Vivobook for use with Zoom a few months ago and have speaker test issues. Since Zoom is a primary use for this device, I shelved it while using an older device. I have never had issues with audio and Zoom using multiple desktops, laptops and mobile devices. I never considered that I would find a device that is a flop! Nice laptop, just dosen't work with Zoom! Any new developments?


Hello @Rama-Bali . Have you found a solution to your audio problem? I am having the same issue with my asus VivoBook and it is sporadic. It's annoying and uncomfortable to lose the sound in the middle of a conversation and ask to wait to restart it. It's the only way the sound can come back. Asus and Microsoft have done a lot of actions on my computer, even formatting it and still the problem persists.
I would appreciate your help!

Dear Cynvargas24 and Karen_Cross,
Sorry, just read this forum again.
What I did to make it work is to reset the new updated driver and use older driver (before I updated)
Hope this helps.
Note: this link explain how to do it:

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Check if your Realtek  driver / software or Windows  has any kind of noise suppression, Acoustic Echo Cancellation feature or Noise Cancellation. If found, please turn it off.


This will conflict with Zoom 's own noise suppression and cause issue with your sound during Zoom meetings. 


I believe Windows 10 and Windows 11 come with in-built Noise Cancellation features. 

In Windows it may be found somewhere like Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Recording > Properties> Enhancements> Noise Suppression or Noise Cancellation




It may be somewhere else., keep looking. Please consult the manufacturer of the computer for the instructions  for your sound hardware and drivers.


Please share your success process for others.



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Hi everyone.  Having just purchased an ASUS Vivobook for my music teaching, I was dumbfounded as to why my speakers and microphone were no longer working for ZOOM.  In every other app, they worked fine, and so I was assured that my speakers were good as I could listen to music fully but whenever I tested my speaker in Zoom, either no sound came or it was around a 5% level intermittently.  After 2 days of searching, I found the problem:  In the MY ASUS app, loaded on my new computer, under customizations, scroll until you find two settings:  AI Noise-Canceling Microphone (CHANGE THIS SETTING TO AUTHENTIC RECORDING-so that all AI noise-canceling will be shut off) and then AI Noise-Canceling Speaker (TOGGLE THIS TO THE OFF POSITION).  This has allowed Zoom to function fully again on my new computer.  Hope this helps.