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Need help with blocking Otter AI from auto recording minutes during zoom calla


Hi Zoom community,

Several users on my Zoom tenant send auto-recorded minutes from the zoom calls and it is getting out of hand. Otter AI is the culprit and it un authoritatively gets access to the zoom calls. Is there a way to block Otter AI from accessing zoom calls and recording these minutes?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @joekisirinya welcome to the community! I would suggest looking into the following help articles from, on Stop OtterPilot from automatically joining your meetings and Remove OtterPilot from your Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams meeting and let me know if that helps! 


There is also another discussion around Can't disconnect

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Hi @RN - I just want to clarify your reply here. The solutions you posted are all from the perspective of the Otter user, not the host interested in limiting exposure. Can you confirm that Zoom's stance on this is that there is no way to disable this administratively for an organization hosting with a corporate account?


It sounds like here and in the other threads that the impetus is being placed on the host to find a soft method of managing this and crossing their fingers because "Well hey, somebody could be recording with their cell phone and you'd never know, so why have any expectation of confidentiality at all. Zoom isn't going to be liable for that." Do I have that right?


@RN to second what @affiliatezoom is saying. We are not looking for a solution as an Otter user, we need a way to have our corporate Zoom account settings block these to begin with. These auto transcribers are coming in even when we limit to only invited users. This should not just be on us to try to manage in the meeting. This needs global blocking in our Zoom policy and settings.


We all seem to want to get rid of Otter.AI.  it just started showing up in some of our zoom meetings and we are not sure how the infection started.  If anyone figures out how to stop it please post it here.  Apparently Zoom is not being helpful?  Ist that the case?