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Need help! urgent!


Hello everyone! I really need your help on this. Im practicing for a conference that i have to do tomorrow. Here's my problem. When i share my screen, i go to advanced settings to share my powerpoint ( when you appear IN the powerpoint). Everything's working perfectly except for my clicker. It doesn't work at all. To change my slides i have to use the arrow on the screen....but I hate it cuz im standing at 5 feet from my computer. I really need to know what to do to use my clicker. Thank you so much




@Jonathand ,


In Advance, you have an option that PPT as virtual background. it is setting your virtual background, so the clicker will not work there. 

you have to open your ppt before clicking the share option in Zoom meeting. then when you clicking the share option you can see the ppt file that you opened in the basic setting itself,  If you share that file, you use your clicker to access PPT. It works.

Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Jonathand checkout the thread Logitech Spotlight Presenter which may be a similar pointer that you're using? (Logitech Spotlight Presenter)


Check out the workaround and let me know if this helps! 


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