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See details from other account members?


Before we converted Zoom over to using an OKTA login, I was able to share my login with my team, in order to have recordings downloaded, Reports run, scheduling, etc. With the new accounts being behind Okta, and each team member having their own account, the only thing we can do is schedule for each other but can not see anything within the other team members accounts. This is a problem with our follow-up and sometimes even the trainings/webinars themselves. Is there any way to either have more insight into each other's accounts?



if you have single sign on and everyone is signed in based on their login it can be difficult. you shouldn't be sharing your login with anyone anyway. so who is the Owner and or Admin of your Zoom account? The Owner\admin of the account can look up any Zoom user account and make changes to their meetings and see the recordings. 

So in this case I'm the owner researching this for one of my users. While myself and admins can find this info, it doesn't make sense for us to be doing this on a regular basis. Was hoping there was some option i'm not finding allowing me the ability to have those 2 see each others details.

you could simply make them Admin's on the account or add a Role like Power user. I created  that Role and customized what they have control over.