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Multiple USB Microphones- can't get acceptable quality


Hi there, here's our scenario:

-Monthly business meeting of a volunteer fire company

-one head table with 6 people

-"audience" of 20-35 in a general seating area facing the head table

-Zoom meetings (paid license)

-laptop at head table hooked up to room A/V system with an overhead projector and ceiling-mounted speakers

-3 USB microphones (one in a webcam) connected to the laptop; 2 of the mics are omnidirectional mounted on stands (on in front of the head table; one in the center of the seating area)

-Voiceemeter  "Banana" USB mixing software on the laptop (Win10)

-5 to 10 remote zoom participants


I've been trying for months, and can't get the audio correct.  Biggest issue I have is that if I try to turn the mics up to a level where the remote people can hear, we start getting echoes from the other mics in the room.  The room audio (overhead speakers) is the Zoom output, so I don't believe it's feedback from the omnis->zoom->overhead speakers, since I believe advanced echo cancellation should handle this (thinking the way it works is that it doesn't broadcast audio input  from a zoom user to that same user's audio out).  


So the external people usually have a hard time hearing what's going on "in the room", and the recordings are usually fairly lousy too.  (I guess part of the problem is that anyone in the "audience" can speak at any time, and of course people are all at vastly different distances from the mics) Anybody have any ideas how I can solve this- hardware, software, other?  I don't think switching to XLR mics with an external mixer would help.  Is there such a thing as a mixer (hardware or software) that does echo cancellation on its inputs?