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Multi View Breakout Group


The issue I raised is as follows:- I am unable to watch all my students in each Breakout group that I create.  As a tutor teaching British Sign Language, I need to be able to see everyone in their respective breakout rooms so I can watch any errors being made by them.  Normally when a tutor teaches face to face, it is easier to catch any signing errors, which I would then correct.  In Breakout groups I cannot see everyone which means I have to join Room 1 to check their signing but I cannot view the other rooms which is not very pro-active in a teaching situation.  This seems be a common problem with a lot of Hearing and Deaf tutors saying the same thing. 


Zoom being such a vast company, surely you must have someone in your programming department that can create a program for us to view all breakout rooms.  That way, if I see a student in any room signing in error, I can pop into their room to correct them and then leave the room to continue checking the students’ signing.



I have a similar situation and would very much like to know the solution, or alternative suggestions.  Keeping fingers crossed (NOT a pun... lol!)