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Microphone stops working on Breakout Rooms


I was participating in a Zoom meeting, my mic was working perfectly. Then I got transferred to a Breakout Room and every now and then Zoom would show a notification that my mic stopped working. I had to keep changing the source to refresh it and make it work again.


This does not happen when in "normal" rooms. And this makes it very hard to use Zoom in breakout rooms.



Hi @ShivaKanou 


What type of microphone are you using and is your Zoom client up-to-date?


Does your microphone return to normal if you return to the Main Room from the Breakout Room - or do you have to leave the meeting altogether first, then re-join?

Hi! I'm using a HyperX Cloud II headset, works fine on Teams, Discord, Meets...

Yes, my Zoom client is up to date.


The phone starts working again when I switch to another audio source. The weird part is that the other audio source is "Default audio device" or something like that, so I'm switching from my headset to my headset, hahaha, makes no sense.


Today I noticed it also started happening during normal meetings, not only breakout rooms.