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Microphone does not work with Zoom on Android phone


Hi Team,


Since last week when ever I join zoom meetings I can hear everyone loud and clear but others could not hear me.
I join audio with wifi or cellular network option, it used to work before.

Now after fiddling a little bit, I found a workaround. After joining every meeting in order to make my voice go through I have to first disconnect audio and then re-connect audio, only then others can hear me.


Also I have verified android phone settings and Microphone permissions are very well given to the zoom application.

But people also complained my voice was still breaking even when I apply my workaround i.e. to disconnect audio and re-connect audio. And when I join zoom meeting using same wifi network from my PC everything works fine, my voice is also clear to others and not breaking and it works without doing any workaround.


In order to fix zoom issues on my phone I have tried uninstalling zoom, restarting phone and re-installing zoom application again but issue still stays.

Any help regarding this will be appreciated.