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Disable Zoom Phone feature on Android


 Zoom Phone becomes dialer option and takes over default dialer option. Permissions for Zoom have not been enabled, but any tap-to-Dial number is redirected to Zoom Phone. How do I remove this feature?



I am having this issue also. When I select a phone number, in an email for example, the dialer defaults to Zoom to make the call. We don't use Zoom for call. I want to revert to my Samsung (Android) dialer. Help!?!


We're having the same issue here. Is there no fix? I've done a lot of searching but can't find anything other than this.

Disable Zoom Phone feature on Android - Phone - Zoom Developer Forum


How many posts have to be made before someone from Zoom notices this?


This function needs to be removed. At the very least with Microsoft Intune calls still work, but you have to have "Zoom for Intune" added/installed and hit Continue, as long as Zoom for Intune is part of the App Protection Profile, it will be able to act as a needless and unnecessary gateway to the dialer on the personal side. I'm pretty sure if you login to the app (whichever version is in Android Enterprise) it will work as a passthrough, but that is a workaround for now.


The dialer hook must be removed from this app or Android Enterprise users will simply stop using it.