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Microphone and Audio don't work on zoom phone calls



Thank you for your help in advance.

When I make calls via my Zoom desktop client, I cannot get the microphone or audio to work - this is on calls only, in meetings it works fine. I've been using my same mic, headphones, computer, etc. to make calls for months, but now suddenly they stopped working. My audio and microphone still work fine when doing the Zoom "Test" and they even work in Zoom meetings once I turn on the "Join with computer" button in the meeting (even though I do have it checked and enabled already in my settings to do this automatically, which is strange). My audio/mic devices all work completely normally on non-Zoom sites as well.


I've tried many tutorials already, including:

Restarting my device

Reinstalling and re-logging into the Zoom client

Plugging my mic into a different USB port (as well as making sure the USB ports are all functioning properly)

Ensuring the mic and audio is allowed past my Windows privacy/permissions.

Doing the "Test Speaker" and "Test Mic" tests, as well as making sure the appropriate speakers and microphones are selected in the dropdown in Settings -> Audio.


For all intents and purposes, my device and mic/audio all work 100% fine throughout Zoom, with the exception of when I make calls, when it's suddenly stopped working for a couple of days now seemingly without explanation.


I'm at a loss and not sure how to fix this. Any help is greatly appreciated - thank you!