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Meeting invites not being delivered to gmail account


A client that uses Zoom regularly keeps trying to send me invites to Zoom meetings but these invites are not coming through to my Gmail address at all. I have checked Spam and Promotions tabs and have done a global search in Gmail for the address -- with no luck. The client is not receiving any error messages on their end and I have been unable to find anything here in the Community or in Zoom Support or across all of Google to help solve this problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated because this situation is getting VERY frustrating for me and for the client. Thank you!



I've had this happen to a few users.  Open a support ticket with Zoom and ask them to check for your address on the Bounce list.  If you're on that list, they can whitelist you and you should get the emails going forward.  Ask your client to send the invitation again after that.


I’ve had this occurring for the last few weeks as well - the invites from Zoom not being received so I’m using the copy link function. I can manage this for my small clientele and I’m hoping zoom is working on a fix. 
How would I open a support ticket? 

I opened a support ticket requesting my account to be removed from the Bounce list and this was the response:
Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to your open ticket at this time. 

I had the same response and feel so fustrated!

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @mwallwein 

How is the host sending you meeting invites? From their Gmail/Outlook/etc account directly? If sending from Zoom, was this a registration confirmation email? 

It's important for us to know where the email is coming from, as that can affect where the problem lays. 

Listener | Zoom Partner
Listener | Zoom Partner

Hello Bort, I copy and paste zoom links into my yahoo email account and send the invitations to my zoom presentations/classes to my clients in a group email.  I have one participant that uses gmail that does not "see" the zoom link. Her daughter has confirmed with me that she can see the zoom link on her computer, however does not see the zoom link in the same email using her iPad. Can you help me help her uncover what might be the issue, please. 


I have the same problem with receiving invitations to my regular ISP email account.  It only happens with invitations sent from the Zoom registration facility.  Messages received by copying and pasting the invitation to an email come through OK.


There are two solutions, you can either copy and paste the Zoom invitation and email or you can use a marketplace app, Salepager, that sends the invitation for you and ensures emails are delivered. If you a developer you can also achieve this using APIs.


The same is happing to me I can not get support or find out why. 


Same happening for me on gmail and yahoo mail. Would love to hear from Zoom as to how to fix the issue.

Thank you!


The same is happening to me.

Is there any troubleshooting guide for this issue?


Does anyone know if this is resolved? This is becoming a significant problem for me. People are sending me meeting invites that I never get do getting an email address white listed won't resolve this for me. 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

So, if the emails are coming from Zoom directly, such as a registration confirmation or reminder email, and are not being received, we certainly recommend a few troubleshooting steps here:

One is to check the Spam folder in your email and make sure that emails coming from no-reply @ are allowed. 


If there is nothing in your spam folder and are still not receiving emails from Zoom, you, or the host that should be sending the emails, should contact Zoom Support. They can check our email service to see if those emails were bounced back to Zoom and figure out what is causing this issue and hopefully resolve it.  

I wish it were as simple as them going to Spam. Also, I can't whitelist every email address because I don't know them.  If someone sends me a meeting invite and I don't get it, I don't have their information. 

No, Zoom needs to whitelist your address.   Open a support ticket and ask them to check for your address on the bounce list.

Thanks in advance for your help.


I'm having the same issue. Meeting invites don't come to gmail.


I've checked the spam folder, there are no emails from no-reply @ (see screenshot)


I submitted a support ticket and got this message 5 seconds later:

"Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to your open ticket at this time.

Instead, use our online resources to learn more about using Zoom, find answers to questions, and troubleshoot technical issues."


Any other ideas?

Hi, I went through the article you provided; emails from *********** are non found anywhere in my mailbox (inbox, trash, or spam folder). Looks like my email address has been blacklisted a few weeks ago. I contacted support to whitelist my email address, but their automated reply is "Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to your open ticket at this time. Instead, use our online resources to learn more about using Zoom, find answers to questions, and troubleshoot technical issues."

So, I am stuck because there is nothing I can do on my end, and Zoom doesn't bother checking if my email address is blacklisted.  Frustrating.


I get 5-6 of these tickets a week.  Users are sent an invite to join our Zoom account, they don't get the invite (including spam, our tier 1 support checks for that).  Every time, I open a ticket with Zoom support and the user gets cleared from the Zoom bounce list, and the emails start flowing.  I've got our O365 team looking into why they might bounce in the first place.

How do you open a ticket?  My problem is, I upgraded to the paid version because now 40 minutes is the maximum time on the free basic.  After this change, I send email invites to the client and they do not receive the invite.  It also does not show up in my sent emails.  This has been occurring on my iPhone.  I can connect with my client via my laptop, but I need to be able to via my phone as well. 

Hi Gary

Did you ever get this resolved please? I’m having this problem and can’t get any help from Zoom.




We are suffering from the same issue.
We are running an online school.
All of our teachers use Gmail as their Zoom account email.
All of our students also use Gmail.
Our teachers send Zoom invites to students' Gmail addresses.
Our teachers use the Zoom Chrome Extension.
Even when our teachers send out Zoom invites, students often don't receive them.
How can we fix this?


Um. How do you open a ticket? I'm having the same problem and am getting led in circles in the help center. Thanks!


I have the same problem with my professional email address, I got zoom meeting invitation emails for years with no problem, then one bounced, and my email address seemed to automatically go to the bounce list as I don't get the invitation emails any more. The problem is that I can't open a support ticket, chat or talk with someone on the phone as I don't have a paid account. Does anyone know how to get an email address whitelisted without being a Pro user? I need to attend meetings hosted by other people! Thank you for your help.

For what it's worth, I never got this fixed. 


Thanks for nothing, Zoom. smh

This is discouraging.  I've now started having this problem with some clients.  Time to start bombarding Zoom with complaints.


AND WHAT's a bounce list?


Today, August 1, 2023, I am having the same issue.


I opened a ticket. Sending the invite " manually" makes no sense.


I don't have issues with Google Meet o Microsoft Teams.


I am a paying customer.


Is this issue not solved yet? This morning, 17-01-2024, I sent invitations for pianolessons as usual, but pupils didn’t receive them. After years of unproblematic invitations via Zoom this occurs suddenly. Fortunately in the evening, everything works again correctly👍🏻