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Low quality in my appearance on all zoom meetings since buying this laptop.


I bought my laptop last year 29 January 2023 from a good department store in London London UK.  Due to my profession, I have regular zoom meetings with clients and because of the way I appear on screen with this laptop I have been using my smartphone for meetings ever since, as my appearance is normal while using my smartphone.  On screen with this laptop I look quite distant and do not appear with a clear outline as other participants do, so I went back to John Lewis who told me the problem is with zoom but I do not know how to contact them directly to enquire as to what could be the problem.  Can anyone help me? Thanks, Rachel


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It's likely that the internal webcam is not a high quality one, or requires some tweaks. Most internal webcams aren't great, with a few exceptions. Camera position and lighting are critical as well, regardless of webcam.


Do you have an external webcam you could plug into the same computer? If so, you'll be able to assess whether the computer itself (or its specific Zoom installation) is causing the video issues.