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Low bandwidth warning even when joining with good internet speed (Multiple times)


Dear Zoom's teams

I am having busy days studying and working with zoom. But every time I join a meeting, the video from the host and other participants is laggy with low frames per second (FPS) (lower than 15), and the video resolution decreases to 320x180

After having checked the statistics, I found out that the meeting latency is always higher than 300ms and the average packet loss is >20%, Additionally , i don't see signs of running out of computer resources 

zoom rp1.PNG

zoom rp2.PNG

First, I thought it was my internet connection the problem, then I did a speedtest using speedtest. net, the result shows that my internet speed was above 30Mbps, I have used big services like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft,..etc normally without any problem

zoom rp3.PNG

zoom rp5.PNG

Also, sometimes i got kicked out of the room for no reason (My friends and other participants too!) and Zoom said connecting....., i have  waited for hours  then it said "Unknown error"


I don't know why? This decreased my experiences and i'm not happy with that!





The thing I noticed from your post is that you are from China but for some reason, your calls are getting connected via the US data centers. It is my best guess that it's happening because of the call routing which is happening via the US data center.  If you are a pro user, you should be able to select data center for your connection. 

Check this link: 

Well....I'm using free account, and I'm NOT the host for most of my meetings. The meeting host mostly my school's admin and my company's boss and they both not good at tech and because of COVID so I can't reach them. Is there a way to solve this without pro account?

Oh, and I'm actually from Vietnam not China (Singapore's data center would be best for me)

i tried this method but nothing changed, ihave a business account


I’m in Australia and I’m having the same problem, “low bandwidth” warning but my speed test is consistently 60 mbps+.
We have run up to 4 or 5 Zoom meetings in the house at one time with no problems until about 3 or 4 weeks ago then suddenly  not even 1 meeting on its own will show participants video or share screen. This is the same whether on a mobile device or Windows desktop.

I am in California and am having the same bandwidth error.  Had my Xfinity internet checked and I am OK.  Is there a workaround for  this?  I am just joining meetings, Not the host.



My problem was resolved. My internet provider also checked and said everything was ok. I persisted and one of the tech guys went through and did a whole lot of resets etc, just stabbing in the dark - nothing changed. 
Eventually he spoke to a colleague and they found a “setting” that had changed in a background update on their end. They changed it and I have had no trouble since.

It took about a hour or so on the phone and a tech guy who wouldn’t give up, but I could have kissed him when he sorted it.

Cueball, you mentioned that you changed a "Setting," which I assume is in Zoom?  If you could let me know what that change was, I would appreciate it, as I've been dealing with this issue for the last 8 months.  Thank you, ***********.


I would also like to know what settings were changed to fix this poorly written error message. All help would be appreciated since it annoys users in our business and makes them think there is an error when none ( at least with bandwidth) doesn't exist.