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Looking for someone to have a practice meeting with.


Hello. There are some things that I can't test in a practice meeting unless there are attendees.   It would be nice to get a chance to do some tinkering and figure stuff out when not in a meeting with an important client.   If anyone sees the benefit of this please let me know so we can set one up.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, again, @Alexander_ 


I have multiple devices... not everyone has those resources.  But you can log in on a Desktop, and one Mobile device, from the same account.


Here's what I do:  I have a paid license that I use, and I set up a few more Basic (free) accounts.  They can attend all my meetings for free!  So I log in on the desktop with my "real" (Licensed) account, and on my iPad with a second account, and I have a Mac Mini here too where I log on with a third account.  (Some things require 3 participants in a meeting, like Spotlighting.)


It's a little confusing at first... but it works. I do a lot of Zoom testing this way, and I always log in as an Attendee on one device when I'm hosting a Webinar... so I can see what they see.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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