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Linux Mint - Zoom intereferes with output volumes of other programs


I'm trying to use Zoom on Linux Mint (Ubuntu based) for vocal lessons.

Within that, I need to hear the following outputs from my computer:

1. An audio player (e.g. VLC)

2. Voice monitor script (pacmd 'module-loopback' module)

3. The other party (Zoom).


I have volume controls for all of these, so I can hear them properly. All that is pretty robust and works fine, as long as I don't start the Zoom meeting.


When starting a Zoom meeting, seemingly especially when sharing a screen with audio, Zoom appears to create this virtual composite audio output device and enable it.

That lowers other programs volume so I can't hear those properly, and then I can't even increase those volumes.


When switching away from that composite device, Zoom continues to work fine, but the audio player pretty much blasts my ears off (because I naturally try to increase its volume beforehand), while the voice monitor remains very low / effectively unusable.


Is there a way to set up Zoom so that it minds its own business, i.e. just use the needed audio channels without creating virtual devices, touching other program volumes, etc., etc.?


Zoom Moderator

Hi @batyanko apologies for not getting to your discussion sooner! As it's been some time since you've posted your discussion we've come out with some updates to the Zoom client for Linux. Have you tried updating your Zoom client? Or uninstalled and reinstalled?


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This definitely sounds like a use case that might be beyond the capabilities of the Zoom Screen Sharing method.


My thoughts on this: 


Can you try to use Virtual Camera Device software to output the shared content and audio via the camera/mic feed instead of the screen sharing?


A lot of more advanced users will use something like OBS to accomplish this kind of task: 


OBS will essentially put your shared content in your "camera" output, and will put your shared content audio in your "microphone" output, instead of using the shared screen virtual audio device which seems to be inadequate for your workflow.


Also, since you are producing music, having the full range of sound (without any sort of noise cancelling) would be recommend. Zoom has an amazing feature for this called "original sound".  Take a look at this: 


Follow up here if you are able to get a workflow going as I'm sure this would be interesting to a lot of people who are trying to accomplish something similar!