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Large conference, hybrid set up. Audio problems.




We often conduct meetings in a large open conference room and use a normal microphone and speakers in it. There are no fancy equipment in this room but the speakers are pretty good.


Out current set up

Laptop A - host (accepts participants, control)

Laptop B - hdmi connected, flashes on the projector the zoom meeting, connected webcam facing the speaker, open mic for zoom participants (microphone is from the webcam)

Laptop C - speaker, shares screen/presentation


The problem is the audio for the zoom participants since microphone is only from the webcam, the output on their part is garbled sound and inaudible at all. I do not live in the US but please may I know what do you call a device what we can plug in to Laptop B to capture audio better in a large open area conference room




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

OK, the problem is Zoom will try to manage echo cancellation and outside noise, but with the presenter using the webcam mike, they are not close to it and I expect that zoom is perceiving the speaker as background noise.
You really need to use the same sound source as the sound system if in use.
If there is no sound system, then I would try turning off the background suppression. In the Zoom App under settings, there is an audio section and the Audio profile allows you to change noise suppression.