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Is local recording not working anymore?


Hello, everyone.

I used to be able to record my meeting on my computer every time I had a meeting.

However, all of sudden, it is not working from today. What is the reason? Zoom has updated itself automatically today and I am not able to record my meeting on my local computer anymore.

Must I use cloud recording only?  Please help me.


Community Champion

Hello! @Gansukh2022 Are you receiving any type of error messages when attempting to record a meeting on your device? If possible please share the error. 


Whenever I try to record, this window pops up. However, if I try cloud recording, it works. I just prefer to record meetings on my computer as usual.


I cannot access Zoom anymore for my Zoom meetings.


I am unable to record my Zoom meetings also. All my settings are set for recording on computer automatically, but when I go into Zoom it isn't recording. I click record, but the settings window comes up. Help!

I have a very similar experience. I used to record to my computer without any problem. For the last couple of weeks, when I click on the record to computer button, it brings up the Windows Explorer site where the recordings used to be located. The computer (Windows 10 system) has been restarted numerous times!

I have the same problem, and it isn't fixed yet.


Clearly, this local recording problem has been going on for a month or perhaps more. Why is there no response from Zoom Support?