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Is it possible to switch a participant camera on remotely without their permission?


I would like to know if it is possible to switch a participant camera on remotely without their permission. I know that this is not built into zoom but I wondered if there is hacking software that could do this . The reason I ask is because I think someone did this to me in a recent zoom meeting. They took a screen grab of me and I am certain that my camera was switched off. I have been told that I must have switched the camera on but I really do not think that I did. 



Hi again 🙂

As I replied in the other question on this same subject you made earlier, I find it highly unlikely. For sure there is malicious software available somewhere that can be used to control your computer and turn on the camera, but to start sending the video feed via Zoom would also mean interacting with the Zoom client and I don't think that would be something easily done.

What I didn't consider was a different possibility, although this is just theorizing and I don't want to accuse anyone of doing that, but depending on the type of computer and its configuration, it is possible that it can be remotely administered by an IT Administrator in your organisation, that could, again in theory, take control during your call and enable the video as if you were doing it. Zoom itself for instance allows for Remote control during screen share but that is a limited level of control the other person has, and also it requires you to give permission for that (the other participant can only request the control).

If you are convinced there was some foul play during this meeting you can contact your organisation (or an IT expert if your computer is privately owned) to check for malicious software and other evidences of illegal access.
You also have the option to report inappropriate behavior in a meeting, and Zoom can check further on that, to see if there was something illegal done during the meeting.