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If host turns off a participants camera, we'd like them to be able to turn it back on later.


If a host turns off a participants video, the participant used to be able to turn the video back on when they came back to their desk.  This is not an option now and tells the participant that the host has disabled their camera.  Is there a setting we can change to allow the participants to turn their cameras back on themselves?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Check your in meeting Security settings.  Might have to check the option to allow participants to start video, and then click that person's name in the participant's list and click the button to allow them to start video there too.

I remember when I was training faculty there was some sort of 2 step process like this.  I'd have to see if I still have those recordings to see if this was it exactly but it was similar to this.

There are several attendees and we didn't used to have this issue.  They could turn on the video again when they were ready.  We are hoping there is a setting to just do that upfront so everyone isn't turned off completely for the whole meeting.  We had several hurt feelings from people that wanted to be back on video but got the message that the host as turned that capability off for them.  I appreciate anything you can find!  Thank you!