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I lose audio after several mute/unmute operations


We have several Dell Inspiron 7560 laptops running Windows 11. Our audio devices are Sennheiser office runners, which are connected to a USB port in a WD22TB4 Dock connected to our laptops. Dell issued a firmware update for the Dock on January 2024 and since then, we experience the following:


- While in a Zoom conference, if we mute/unmute several times (as is normal during typical meetings), eventually we hear a screeching noise in our Sennheiser headsets and we cannot hear audio anymore. The only way to exit this is by resetting our Sennheiser device. This is ONLY happening to those of us that have applied the firmware update and it ONLY happens when we use Zoom. The issue DOESN'T happen if we connect the Sennheiser to a USB port in the laptop itself (which is not very convenient for us)


After a long discussion  with Dell in which we tried several solutions on their side, both sides agreed that this is a Zoom bug.


Has anybody else experienced something similar?