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How Can we Redirect our Main Line to After Hours Emergency Support Cell Phones


We’ve recently on boarded with Zoom for our call center operations. Our office phones are programmed to deactivate at 5pm daily. Post this time, we have a team of four dedicated support staff who are responsible for handling after-hours calls. However, we’re encountering challenges in routing these calls directly to our personal cell phones or the Zoom app on our mobile devices. Despite the apparent ubiquity of this feature, we’ve been informed that it’s not possible. Is there anyone who can provide insight into this matter?

Additionally, it seems counterintuitive that our call center staff must manually indicate their availability by selecting ‘READY’. Intuitively, one would expect the phones to automatically be set to ready status during designated business hours. We would greatly appreciate any guidance on these matters, as it’s hard to imagine that we’re the only company facing such issues.





My company placed a flow that would push over to zoom phone.  However im sure you can place forward in the flow to an external number.