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How to conference call with Computer Video & Loudspeaker with only Vocal Mic?


When in budget situation for conference call

  • AV system has Vocal Microphone
  • Local participants spread over conference room
  • Computer is connected to AV system
    and hardened to prevent tampering from non-computer-literate users

With poor audibility from vocal microphone, I’m wondering what if local participants use:

  • Computer Zoom App connected to AV Projector Screen and Room Ceiling Loudspeaker. 
  • Own Smartphone App for Microphone 

When Virtual participants speak, local participants view and listen via AV Projector Screen and Room Ceiling Loudspeaker ; mute own Smartphone (Audio and Video). 


 When one of the local participants speak, 

  • Walk over to AV system to lower Room Ceiling Loudspeaker Volume 
  • Unmute his/her Smartphone Zoom Audio
  • Other locals use his/her Smartphone Zoom to listen
  • Everyone view via AV Projector Screen

The main disadvantage is hearing un-synchronised Sound from neighbouring Smartphone Zoom; will connecting Smartphones to same WiFi network improves sound synchronicity?

Is there a better alternative?