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How do I have zoom meetings that I'm invited to appear in right-hand pane in Zoom for Mac?


I'm a novice and using Zoom Desktop for Mac. I've noticed that sometimes meetings that I've been invited to attend show up in the right pane. When that happens, to attend that meeting I can just click on it there right in Zoom, and don't have to search my email program to find the email with the zoom link.


But more often than not, that pane says "No meetings scheduled".  


How does one get events that you're invited to, to show up on that right pane? I'm wondering if maybe they get written into that pane when I click on the Calendar link in the original email. I thought that that link only writes them into my Mac's Apple calendar, but maybe sometimes that also writes into the internal Zoom calendar as well, and that's how they show up on the right pane?

Any advice would be appreciated.