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Hosting meetings through organization Zoom account


Hi there,
I'm having a similar problem to (this issue)[ though it looks like it was never resolved.

I manage a small nonprofit organization. We have a Gmail account with the format [organization name] @, and then we have a Zoom account associated with that Gmail account so that we can host meetings from a Zoom associated with the organization name (rather than having individual people host meetings).

However, we need to be able to grant host access to the meetings to anyone who might be hosting. Similar to what the poster described in the link above, we sometimes need to switch hosts at the last minute, e.g. if someone is a no-show or if someone's availability changes. The event must go on!

Our plan is to use Gmail delegate access to allow several users to have access to the associated gmail account, so that they can log into the organization's Zoom and host the meeting if need be. But Gmail limits the number of delegates to 10, and we have on the order of 20 people who might need to host an event. So this solution won't be workable for us in the long term.

What is your procedure for allowing Zoom meetings to be scheduled and hosted by an organization, as opposed to by an individual, with any number of people allowed to start the meeting?



I'm having a similar issue - we want to utilise only one zoom link to make it easy for the consumer to access but the host will be different and logging in from different accounts for the links. Looking forward to the answer

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



What you are doing is a violation of the Zoom Terms of use that you agreed to when signing up for Zoom.


“Sharing meeting licenses among multiple users is a violation of Zoom’s Terms of Service”. 



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Instead of trying to use multiple logins you can share the host key if you have that level of trust with those who are hosting.

After joining a meeting using the Zoom client and "join before host"  is enabled you can enter the host key to take control of the meeting as the host.