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Have to send an Outlook meeting update after only adding an alternative host?


In an existing recurring meeting  item in my Outlook calendar, I've gone into Change Settings and added an alternative host. Outlook is asking me if I want to send out the updated meeting request. I don't want all the participants in this big meeting to receive an updated request just because I've added the alt host. Nothing else has changed and as far as I know this does not change the meeting URLs. Can't I just save the meeting and close it? The new alt host will still get notified of their privileges, right? 



hola como esta claro que si y yo envió el anfitrión 


I came here wondering the same thing. I tested this with someone and the answer is no, you do not need to resend the invite. You can just update the zoom settings in the outlook meeting invite, add the alternative host and save, then exit out of the invite and you are good.