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Have Zoom on Chromebook (still, I think) Just installed Zoom for Chrome-PWA--which icon can i toss


Dear Zoom Community,

I use a garden variety chromebook. I have the old version of zoom installed. Just today, I installed the Zoom for Chrome-PWA. I want to pin the icon for Zoom for Chrome-PWA to my bottom bar where my pinned apps are., and uninstall the old version. I installed the new version with no problems. However, when I do the standard Chromebook search for Zoom (searching for Zoom for Chrome-PWA brings up zip) two icons come up. The icons are the same. When I click on either of them, I think what I get to is the same. In other words, I can't tell them apart, or at least can't convene a seance to do so, as I've got better things to do, on Zoom, and elsewhere. How can I tell the Zoom versions apart?  There doesn't seem to be the standard item in an "about" section that states which specific version it is. I may be missing something, but I'm not sure Zoom thought through this tiny but aggravating nonetheless, issue. Please help. Sorry this is lengthy! Dave Tuffs, Haslett, Michigan

P.S. What does PWA stand for?



Looks like no one knows about Chromebooks. We're on our own, bud.