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Google Calendar Plug-in Date Issues


When I use the plug-in to add a zoom meeting to a google calendar event the time always goes in as Jan 1, 2099. I have tried this on multiple browsers and different computers. There is no way to edit that date/time. If I edit it in the google app it does not update in the google calendar. I have a paid zoom subscription.



Hello @Skycog 


This normally occurs if the Zoom meeting after being added to the calendar event is not saved. For example, if I have a calendar event, I add a zoom meeting, and then I click out of the event without saving, the date will show as Jan 1, 2099. Can you confirm if the events are being saved after you have added the Zoom Meeting? Thank you.

I have tested this thoroughly and can't find a way to add a zoom meeting correctly to a recurring event. If the event is not recurring then it saves the date correctly. I tried saving the event and choosing "just this event" "This and following events", and "All Events". The date is incorrect either way. It is always saved as Jan 1, 2099 12:00 am (note both the date and the time are incorrect). 


to reproduce this behavior:

1- create meeting in google cal (reoccurring daily.  add zoom conference)
2- using zoom app edit the meeting (add a pw to the meeting)
3- save the meeting
from there google cal opens with the correct changes (pw added).  However, the date has been changed to Jan 1, 2099. 

@jills I believe because the meeting is not being saved first in Google Cal that is why the date is showing as 2099. For the date to show as what you have set it to, when you are in Google Cal after clicking on Make this a Zoom Meeting, you will need to hit Save. You can utilize the Zoom Plug in or the Add in for Google Cal, and using both you should be able to modify the passcode prior to saving. The extra step of opening up the Zoom desktop app is where the connection between Zoom and Google is getting mixed up. If the workflow is modified slightly, the date should be set correctly. Ultimately, the only time I am able to reproduce this is when the event is not saved in Google, i.e. it is exited out or modified outside of the event itself. If you modify everything within the event and hit save, the date and times should match correctly. Let me know if this assists or not and if modifying the workflow anything changes for you. Thank you.

This is not the reason. I have tested this thoroughly and there is no way to add a zoom meeting correctly to a recurring event. If the event is not recurring then it saves the date correctly. If the event is not recurring the meeting has the correct date. I tried saving the event and choosing just this event and I tried saving choosing This and following events. The date is incorrect either way. It is always saved as Jan 1, 2099 12:00 am (note both the date and the time are incorrect)


The meeting is saved in google cal.  That is how it shows up in the zoom app to edit.  I'm unable to change the advanced settings of the meeting (like requiring a passcode instead of sitting in the waiting room) unless I open zoom app.  is there a way from google to change the advanced settings?  

@jills You can modify the advanced settings through both the GSuite add on and the Chrome extension. You can find out more here:


Thank you!

This response does not address the original issue reported in this thread. Is anyone at Zoom working on this issue? It is not browser specific. The issue can consistently and easily reproduced on different browsers. There is a problem with the Zoom Plug-In and Google Calendar when trying to add a zoom event to a recurring Google Calendar Event.


I agree, I am having the same issue. Even if I hit save the date on google calender the zoom meeting is for 01-01-2099. Please fix it, it eats a lot of time. 


I also have the same issue 9/16/21 - its extremely frustrating i've removed zoom and readded it to my google cal. 


I am also having this issue. Just switched over to a Pro account today through my job, and this is the first time I'm experiencing this. Previously when I was using my personal free account I never had this issue. Help 😫


Having same issue. Paid corporate account. 


I now have 6 pages of these meetings listed in my zoom account....


We're having the same issue on a business account.


Has a cause, or resolution, for this issue been found?


Thank you.


We're having the same issue on a business account.

Has someone opened a Ticket by Zoom?


Same issues on a corporate account. Cant find a solution.


Same issue and no idea how to fix, @Zoom are you looking into this?


@Zoom Please get back to us regarding this.


Thank you.


I'm experiencing the same issue, but slightly different.  There's a GoogleCalendar event that already exists - meaning the calendar invite has already been created and saved.  I go to edit the calendar invite to add a Zoom meeting.  I get a notification on the GoogleCalendar invite that says "Notice to host: Please save this event to sync its title and start time to the meeting, and this notice will be auto-removed shortly afterwards. If it isn't, open the Zoom add-on from the sidebar and click on this event in the calendar view."  I save the calendar invite and close it.  When I open the calendar invite - despite having saved it with the Zoom link - I still see the same notice.  When I expand the Zoom details in the calendar invite, the Zoom meeting is saying it's scheduled for 2099. 


I have open a ticket for this case.

Answer from Zoom Support: "Thanks for letting us know. The issue was already with our engineering team for checking and currently working on it. "



Same issue. I hope this ticket gets looked at soon. 

Having the same issue. I have not been able to locate a solution. This has started to significantly interfere with effectively getting meetings done. I just had to cancel a meeting due to this.  I also find that some people can get in when the default date is 1/1/2099 and some people can't. Zoom is really expensive to be lacking in this type of functionality. #pretty-frustrated


@Zoom Please get back to us regarding this.


It's 11/15/21 and this is still happening. Has anyone able to figure out what is going on and how to fix it? 



@Zoom This issue is still happening. Please release a status update on whether or not we're getting a patch for this. This is making your service useless for businesses that rely on Google.


@twenty2_ajh @Skycog @CSA393 @KatieNCATS @Juanito




  1. Open the meeting - Click -> Pencil
  2. Open the google 'add-on sidebar'
    1. You probably have this minimized
    2. Click the small carrot in the very bottom right corner of the screen 'show side bar'
  3. Click Zoom
  4. Change nothing - click 'Update meeting'
    1. The notice will go away 
  5. Save your meeting

I was also given the advice below by Zoom support.

They said this is a sync issue when new events are not saved, which does not explain why it suddenly started happening on recurring events that have been working for months.


"1. In your Google Calendar, click on any available date.

2. Type a title under "Add Title"

3. Instead of clicking Save, try clicking Make it a Zoom Meeting at the bottom. Then, go to the Zoom web portal and see if the date and time are correct.


If you have an existing meeting in your Google Calendar that shows January 1, 2099, try to click it to Edit, then click on "Find a Time" and select a different date and time just to test it and then click Save. Then, check the web portal again to check if the date/time is correct."


I have the same issue.  when anyone in my org creates a meeting and saves it, and then another user adds the zoom via the GCal calendar plug in, and then saves the invite, the date and title never seem to sync.


If this is ALWAYS going to be an issue, it would be nice if @Zoom would say so.  If it's going to be fixed, that would be a nice status update as well.






Looks like a sync issue, what we did was to sign in to go in the add-in on the right, click on Zoom icon then the 3 dots and sign out from Zoom. 
Then you need to sign back in with google sign in
Problem was solved


We are experiencing this issue on our end. People have logged in and out of the GSuite add on with no success.  We also have the Zoom Scheduler add on with many of those in our company. Does hitting the 'Make it a Zoom Meeting' act as the same as saving the meeting?


I am not sure if we have the same challenges but for me, every time I schedule a recurring meeting, the calendar (.ics) file will never have the correct start date. The last meeting date is always displayed as the start date. The only workaround was to edit the .ics file with the correct date and ensure the number of meeting recurrence is correct. After, I save the file and import/add to my calendar (mostly yahoo calendar but should be same google calendar). I finally add invitees from the yahoo calendar. 

Hope this helps


Same issue here, paid account. Mine throws out 31 December 1979. Super embarrassing with client's meeting. Have tried everything. My zoom is unusable at this point with Google Calendar. Unacceptable Zoom! And I don't see you answering anyone's requests, 'same issue' messages just keep piling up in this thread. Fix it!


Having the same issue here, also with a paid account. It was dec31, 1979, but recently has started appearing as 1980. Also causes friction/confusion with clients. I logged out and in of Zoom through the Google Workspace add-in. Let's see if that works.


Did it work? I am experiencing the same issue, 1 Jan 1980 is the date set to me