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Getting a copy of a recording if I was not the host


Hi everyone, 


I had a meeting recorded where i agreed and asked for a copy or transcript, I was not the host. I have asked a number of times for the promised record of the meeting but have been told that a copy can not be given as they destroyed the file. is there anyway to get a copy or transcript of the meeting as both parties agreed on the recording in the first instance?




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



The meeting host or owner/admin from their account are the only ones that have the necessary permissions to access that recording/transcript (assuming cloud recording).  If local recordings only he host that recorded to their computer would have access. 

You will have to get the recording from the host; Zoom cannot retrieve that recording for you.


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A follow-on question to this one. Using my personal Zoom link I hosted a call that we recorded to the cloud. At the time when we pressed record, however, I had handed over the hosting reins to another participant. He pressed record and we proceeded. I presumed the recording would show up on my Cloud Recordings tab but I don't see it there. Am I missing something here?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @judestewart 

It depends on which type of recording the new host initiated. If the new host clicked "Record locally", then it would found on their computer. If they recorded to the cloud, it should still appear on your account. 

HI Dan, 


I have a similar issue as the original poster (mrsd1). I consented to the recorded meeting with the understanding I would get a copy of the recordings. The host has refused to share the recordings. Is there any legal action that states I should have access to the content that includes information about me?  (For context, the host is my fitness coach who has recorded information about me and my health and I would like co-ownership of the recordings.)

Hello, Dan! 

I am not the owner of the meeting, but I was assigned as a host. I have recorded the meeting. Though I am not the owner of the account who made the meeting, will there be a copy that will be sent to me?

Thank you for your answer!


I was wondering the same questions. I allowed the recording and approved and then I wanted the recording I should be able to access it not having to wait to get a copy from the host. I should be able to access it freely or it should give me a copy on my own Zoom. if I do not get the recordings from the host on recordings I have approved then what am I able to do in order to get access?