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After a Zoom call/meeting, all Windows notifications stop, until a reboot.


If I have a Zoom meeting, and am sharing screen with someone, then of course the Windows pop-up notifications stop (as they should - if I am sharing a screen with someone on a Zoom meeting, then I don't want the other person seeing my pop-up Windows notifications).  BUT after I stop sharing screen, and end the Zoom meeting, the Windows pop-up notifications in the bottom right corner of my screen DO NOT COME BACK UNTIL I REBOOT THE LAPTOP (whatever software code in Zoom was correctly preventing the notifications during the Zoom meeting / screen sharing = keeps continuing to stop these notifications on the laptop screen after the Zoom meeting).  This makes it very difficult to use Zoom, if this is the after-affect of a Zoom meeting.  Teams does not have this issue.  I like Zoom better in all the other areas, but this issue with Zoom is becoming a show-stopper, and thinking I have to shift over to Teams if Zoom doesn't have a fix.  Any thoughts on how to fix this?  

Windows 10 (system is up to date).
Zoom (up to date).

I don't reboot each day, so this issue stays on the laptop for days.  Not sure what to do.