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Export meeting registrants list with join link


I need to export the list of meeting registrants with their join link a day before the start of the meeting. It is possible to do this using the API but I would like to avoid developing an app for this simple operations.  



What's your use case? For sending reminders with the join link to registrants we use

We send out a customized confirmation email with the join link and other information about the meeting. Our email has artwork and attachments that are not possible to include with the Zoom confirmation email. Also the "From" address in the confirmation email should be our organization rather than Zoom. Otherwise registrants may dismiss it as spam. Our current app for doing this is deprecated because Zoom in stopping support for JWT. I don't want to have to rewrite it for OAuth.

We are able to send customized reminder emails with the join link and other information about the meeting using The "From" address can be set to your organization. You can also just export the links directly.