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Do Zoom meeting Links Expire?


Hello, I have a pro account and I have a group of clients that I routinely meet with on Zoom.  Do Zoom links ever expire if I renew my pro account each year? 


I'm asking because I would like to schedule a meeting with a client, let my Zoom app create the link, then continue to use that same unique link, for every subsequent meeting with them.  This alleviates any confusion about which link to use for our next meeting  because it's always the same for each client. 


I do not want to use my personal link for this.  I want to use a unique link for each prospect and client.  Please advise and thank you in advance.


Mark H.

A Bank On Yourself Professional


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @BOYPro.



If you schedule a recurring meeting with “No fixed time interval”, there can be unlimited occurrences. Please note that Recurring Meetings with No fixed time interval can only be scheduled on the Web Portal. See this Zoom Support article for details:


This article will also have some helpful information: 


One-off meetings are valid for 30 days. Recurring meetings with fixed time intervals are limited to 50 sessions.

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Is this the same with sending a zoom link to clients for them to book a call with you? What dates do you put on the meeting ? I hope that makes sense?