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Distorted Video when joining meeting through Edge Browser


I am an IT manager with multiple PC's that have this same issue on all of my networks, Multiple PC's & Locations.

When joining a meeting via Edge through the browser the video is distorted w/ pink lines.

Even when the video is minimized to a small thumbnail - same issue.

Tried adding the zoom edge add-in & it made no difference.

Joining meeting via the downloadable application is NOT an option.

I DO NOT allow my users to download & install applications - Users MUST join via the browser.

an alternative browser - such as Google Chrome is also NOT an option.

I have screenshots available, but no way here to upload them.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Is this the case for all versions of Edge or just a recent release? Can you confirm you're currently running latest?

I have reports of this occurring in : September '23, October '23, February '24 & Latest Martch '24.

Except for the most recent, Not 100% positive of all the Edge Versions that were installed, But I CAN say that they were using the latest release at THOSE times. My original Post was using Edge version 122.0.2365.92.