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Disable Raise Hand in Meetings


The Zoom intruders have are using the Raise Hand feature to disrupt our meetings by continually raising and lowering their hands, causing the boxes to jump around in gallery view. We really, really need to be able to disable raise hands in meetings, same as we can in webinars.


Please give us this important security feature!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @ellenlorang yes you are correct, according to the KB on Enabling non-verbal feedback for meetings, its stated that "The Raise Hand option can only be disabled for webinar attendees while in a webinar."


For this, please leverage on how to send feedback to Zoom. Thanks! 

Zoom Community Moderator

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  • I am hoping that soon -- very soon -- we are given the ability to disable raise hands in meetings, or at least to have an option to have the folks with raised hands to not move in gallery view, just like we now (finally) have with the Sort Gallery View option. The remaining major disruption tactic that the Zoom "bombers" are using is to continually raise and lower their hands causing everybody's boxes to move around in Gallery View - a very disturbing event in our 12-step meetings. Zoom is helping self-help groups save lives, and these unwanted disrupters are using that feature to intrude and disturb our members.


I agree!  We experienced a very disturbing zoom bombing tonight and were unable to remove the disrupters because they were using this raise/lower hands feature to make it impossible to remove them!