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Advertisements for Zoom features During my Meetings


First, let me say that not having access to chat agents as a paid user is quite insulting. 


I'm writing because, in a very important Zoom teaching session on Tuesday of this week, I had to swat Zoom flies as messages popped up from Zoom. Repeatedly, I had to choose to decline or accept whatever it was. 


I would be gone now if I had an alternative for my wife and myself. We are heavy Zoom users; we pay a good amount for the 50-plus package (another ad that won't stop on my account), and I am a paid (apparently poverty-level) user without the honor of being able to chat with anyone at support. (Gives us that warm and fuzzy!) 


We really just want Zoom to leave us alone. I will not stop here until I find out who is responsible for Zoom bombing our meetings with pop-up ads. If I can disable them, will someone tell me where? If I can't, where can I complain as the poverty-level user I am? 


I hope someone here with a voice (someone who matters to Zoom, because obviously our money and customer level don't) will tell Zoom how disappointed I am with the unwelcome intrusion into a very difficult class I'm teaching, showing up unauthorized to let me know about a feature. You're so worried about privacy and rules, but you can show up without my permission to "help" me. Not cool at all! 


Stay out of my Zoom meetings with your pop-ups!