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Disable Auto-Switch to Speaker while speaking when 3 or more participants in the Zoom Meeting




I need this feature to be disabled: Auto-Switch to Speaker while speaking when 3 or more participants in the Zoom Meeting.


I want it to be disabled via anyway, options being: Zoom Account Settings, Zoom Meeting Setting, Zoom SDK, Zoom API, Zoom Client or any other option.


Please help me to get this feature disabled.






I need help with this mates.

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

The desktop client should remember and use your last used video layout. So, if you are in a meeting and viewing Speaker view, your next meeting should use Speaker view as well. Same for Gallery view. 
Beyond that, I am not aware of any way to prevent specific video layouts in meetings. 

I think you misunderstood the question, the thing i want to disable is when 3 or more participants are in the meeting and a person who is speaking/has audio coming out of its mic in zoom meeting is automatically brought in front for all the meeting participants, this automatic system i want to disable.


When video is coming from multiple participants & audio is coming from single/multiple participants (different from video participants) and you want participants to bring in front any of video participant any time they want, it would require above feature to be disabled, in current state audio participant without video comes in front for everyone & if instead we as a host - spotlight multiple video participants than everything works well atleast for mobile viewing participants (can watch 1 in maximize state & shuffle between other spotlighted videos) but for windows users all the spotlighted video participants share the screen instead of allowing the vieweing partcipants to maximize any 1 of the video participant & shuffle between all video partcipants, although this can also be workaround by asking viewing participant to leave & rejoin meeting - after which participant just like speaker view (without audio participant coming in front because of spotlighted video participants) can maximize any spotlighted video participant & shuffle between all/any video participants, but this hassle of explaining/telling all viewing participants to leave & rejoin meeting as a workaround to this issue, is an issue for us.