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invited to be an alternative host to every meeting client schedules


How do I remove myself as an alternative host from a previous client? I was made alt host once for a meeting i was supporting and ever since then i get invited as alt host to every zoom meeting they schedule. They are an admin assitant to multiple execs. I get 10-15 emails each day scheduled from multiple different people. Is it possible to remove myself from this?




The person who schedule the meetings would have to remove your address from the alternative host option. He is probably using a meeting template, and you are still in the settings. Maybe contact him and ask him to remove you?




Thank you for the fast response. I have reached at to the client and they just can’t seem to figure it out. I have sent detailed instructions with screenshots. I guess my better question would be, Can I remove it on my end of things?

For him to be able to name you as an alternative host, you both need to be on the same account. So if you are not working there anymore, you should not be in the account. That would solve your problem.




All this is depending if that client is in your account, or if you are in his. So either leave his account, or remove him from yours.
How to leave an account to start your own – Zoom Support




I work for Capital One, so you can imagine the size of the account. I work with dozens, maybe hundreds, of different people. I tracked it down to the person its coming from, i work with her monthly remotely and she isnt very technical savy. So the only way to stop it on my end would be for me to leave the account? What about my account owner? Could they remove me from the alt - host on their end?

Yes the account owner, or an admin on the account could go into this person's meetings and change the settings.