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Can an admin concentrate on one person in a recording?

In the recordings I receive I see the shared screen and in the corner the person speaking at that moment.
Can a video recorder and he is an admin concentrate on the image of one person as in a live broadcast and I will explain. (no shared content) Live broadcast I see all the participants and if I want to see only the particular person on the whole screen I just double click on it and anyone can do it to anyone.
And let's say that this conversation was recorded and then if the admin watches it, he can double click on a cube and he will see the participant in full size or will he only see all the participants in small cubes without the possibility to zoom in on them? 



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Zoom's spotlight function allows the host to highlight 1 to 9 speakers videos irrespective of who is actually speaking.

What if everybody is on mute?

Can he chose a random person or he can see just the recording