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Dear Developers, I suggest you enable us to to resize PiP


I'm not a developer so I dont know how to post it there. 


But I highly suggest that Zoom update its picture-in-picture and make it resizeable, don't you all agree? Basically, picture-in-picture is what happens when you minimize the Zoom meeting i.e. you get a small square and are able to move it around your screen. But the problem is, the square is too small and I can't see what's going on. I suggest that the developers allow us to resize it so we can take better notes especially when the speaker is doing a screen share. This is really good for meetings that are not set in the English language.  


Note Taker


Hi, Krloreto1.

Thanks for the suggestion! The Zoom Community is not a place where feature requests are tracked, so I highly encourage you to submit this idea within the feedback form:


Please remember to mark responses as accepted if they resolve your issue.
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