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Copy / Paste doesn't work when sharing control of screen?



If I'm on a Zoom call and the other person selects, share screen, and selects, give control to me, I am able to see their screen and move their mouse.  If I copy text on my end from a document on my computer, and then I try to paste that copied text into a webpage on the other person's screen, Zoom won't let paste it.  The other person receives a notice about needing to "turn on their clipboard", but even when they do select "turn on clipboard", Zoom still won't let me paste anything from a document on my computer, to a website on their screen.  Little confusing but hopefully that made sense.  Is there a way to turn this functionality on? 

Thank you for any insight or advice on this matter.



I am having the same problem.  Would love to know if there's a work around.  Control-V doesn't work either.


Click the Remote controlled button, then select Share clipboard to enable the support engineer to perform copy/paste over the Zoom session. Depending on your screen configuration or Zoom version, these options may be visible in the More (...) section to the right hand side of the ribbon.





Hi WillJoe,

Thanks for the answer but I don't think that works.  I'm not at a dual computer work station now so I can't test it but when I did test this feature on Zoom a few weeks ago, I believe that I did select Share clipboard and it didn't work.  The issue is that I'm looking to copy/paste from a Word document with bullet points, and I want to keep the formatting with the bullets after I paste it (it's going from a resume to a LinkedIn profile).  But it seems like that isn't possible over Zoom and I lose the formatting.  Any other ideas?
Thank you!