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Meeting Reminders


I presently use Calendly to schedule my meeting with an integration with Zoom in my outlook calendar.  The attendee is able to schedule the meeting and the meeting shows up in my calendar in office 365.  When I check the meeting in my calendar it is there but not does not let me know if the attendee has responded "yes", "no", or "maybe"  I must send an additional attendee invite to get this functionality.


Additionally I do not think that my attendees receive reminders unless they have their own calendar do that.  How can I send a reminder to attendees 1 hour before a meeting though automation?



There are a few ways to do this but we currently use Salepager to send reminders for all our Zoom meetings and ensure attendees (clients) have the link to join the meeting. All the relevant Zoom link information included including link, passcode, phone numbers, meetings time, subject and sent for any Zoom meetings on our Outlook calendar.