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Configure Zoom app to auto update whether or not its open or closed


Currently trying to work out deploying Zoom via MECM using AU2 switches.  Here is what we have configured:


msiexec /i "ZoomInstallerFull.msi" /qn /quiet /norestart zConfig="AU2_EnableAutoUpdate=true;AU2_LimitManualUpdateVersion=true;AU2_InstallAtIdleTime=true;AU2_SafeUpgradePeriod=0000-0400" ZNoDesktopShortCut="true"


From reading, I assumed the app regardless of open or not, would auto update by itself while the Windows session was locked (idle and locked screen or screensaver etc) and/or update overnight between 0000-0400 (12am-4am) regardless of the app open or closed.


That has not occurred.  The only way we have gotten the app to update is to click the "update" button in the banner, or close the app, then open again (and it updates on that launch).  


We would like to configure the app to update whether open or closed while the device sits idle, and/or during the safe upgrade period designated by the install commands.


I was not sure what else to try and was hoping others might have similar issues/requirements.


Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Not an answer, but just want to add that our org has also found the AU2 policy to be unreliable. Note that you have AU2_InstallAtIdleTime set to TRUE, so you'll have to account for the following conditions:


Even with these conditions met (which is asking A LOT), we've still received mixed results.


ZDM for client (monitored via Zoom Admin Portal) could provide some transparency if designed better, but there are no timestamps for last check-in, error reporting, or anything like that.